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18 Mar 2018 01:30

For the first time Atlas FIveM is recruiting members for it's server that is in development. If accepted, you will be granted access to an alpha version of the server!

Your duties:

Police Service:
Ensure than all citizens are obeying the laws of the land.
Performing Traffic Stops.
Carrying out warrants of arrest.
Liaising with other emergency services.

Ambulance Service:
Attending medical emergencies.
Performing live saving duties.
Liaising with other emergency services.

Fire Brigade:
Attending Collisions.
Attending Fires.
Liaising with other emergency services.

Assisting with the smooth operation of the server.
Applying kicks and bans, where necessary.
Ensuring roleplay is being maintained.
Liaising with emergency service command .

You must be available for at least one hour a day - Considerably more if applying for management


Applications close: TBA
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