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01 Jun 2018 21:26

@.Flix.#5696 - We understand the reasoning for your suggestion to have a separate room for server status, however we have decided not to implement it as we are trying to minimise the amount of channels we have. Thanks for the suggestion and we are in development of other features for server status.
@Silent Watcher™#4786 - We do have a lot of channels already in the VTC section. However I am allowing you to trial this feature if it is not used frequently it will be removed.
@Baconator#9014 - Going off the above we don't want to add a lot of rooms. I am going to deny this for a feature of discord. however works are in place for a better image sharing for the whole community. There's not much I can say but it will be better than using discord and images will have more of a purpose and the chance of being used.
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