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25 Apr 2018 23:18

Atlas Logistics are looking for application staff! This role is very important to the VTC as these are the people who assess applications to become a VTC Driver! You will also be the first line of communication with the applicant. It is important that people in this role are active, can work well in a team, maintain a good standard, follow instructions when told to and is willing to do the job. You will take the applicant from the applying stage to the training phase, but you must make sure they are viable for this role.

Your duties:
Ensure all applications are processed within a certain amount of days
Make sure the applicants are viable for the VTC
Maintain professionalism when dealing with an application
Make sure the applicants are aware of booking an exam & the paint job.

People in this people must be fairly active to ensure application are dealt with quickly
Must keep the good standard we have at Atlas Logistics.
Be able to approach the applicant with professionalism
Not be biased when accepting applications


Applications Close: TBA
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