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Dj Jefferz
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03 May 2018 11:49

Role Description
This role will be based on Film / Photos / Audio and anything to do with physical media items. You will be required to create and manage physical media content such as Pictures, Films and audio recordings EG Radio ads. Your content will come from members of the community and yourself, you will then if needed edit the content and prepare it for posting online. Including the above, your role will include posting to Social Media. EG Facebook/Twitter/Instagram ETC. Post regular content regarding Atlas and its branches to various social media sites. You will also be responsible for addressing incoming messages and content EG Tweets and Facebook messages to us and pointing people in the right direction and also for organising things like interviews ETC. In addition, you will be responsible for creating graphics for twitch pages ETC.

Concentrating on Photos and Videos:
You should have decent specifications on your PC. We're not looking for potato graphics.
You should have a decent internet connection we would say at least 5>Mpbs Download and 2.5>Mpbs Upload speeds.
You are 16+ Unless you have outstanding work.

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