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08 May 2018 12:39

Role Description
This role is a huge responsibility to Atlas. You report to the Community Leaders. You need a huge skillset and lots of time to commit to Atlas. Some of these skills include: Open-mindedness, Communication, Delegation, Forward Thinking. You will be responsible for the day to day running of Atlas. Dealing with members who argue to making important decisions of Atlas future. You will be keeping in check Game managers and feeding back input from them to your Community Leader. Attending meetings and doing important things. Your role will need you to commit quite some time to it so be prepared to work hard!

You should be a member of Atlas gaming at least 3 months. (Again, unless the application is really outstanding)
Due to the nature of the job we ask that you are 16 or over. (You may apply if you're younger but your application must be outstanding)

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